This innovative texture-creating shampoo actually deposits clay powder on the hair fiber to create texture and density, leaving the hair with a ready to style second-day, thick, textured feel. It strengthens and hydrates, helping fine hair to feel more robust, and thick hair to feel nourished. Ideal for all hair types and textures, especially fine, lifeless hair. Use it to add the right amount of grip for textured braids and ponytails.

1995 2-in-1 Shampoo & Texturizer


    • Straight
    • Curly
    • Wavy
    • Coiled
    • Tightly Coiled


    • Place a quarter-size amount in hands and work through hair.
    • Leave on for one to two minutes. Rinse. No conditioner needed.
    • Air dry for natural waves or use with other stylers to create more texture and body.


    Bentonite Clay is negatively charged, just like the hair fiber. 1995 also includes positively charged conditioning agents. Conditioning agents are typically cationic quaternary compounds. A cation is a positively charged molecule. This is important because it is attracted to the negatively charged hair fiber and adsorbs (not absorbs) to the surface of the hair. It is also attracted to the negatively charged bentonite clay, binding it to the hair fiber and creating the final textured result. This product is vegan and free of gluten, artificial colors, triethanolamine, mineral oils, harsh detergents, methylisothiazolinone, and petro chemicals