Updated: May 23, 2020

So, your hair stylist keeps telling you to use paraben & sulfate free shampoos... but do you know why? You can ask ten stylists & they will all most likely give you a different answer, because there are many reasons why we tell you to try & avoid them.

Parabens have actually been used in products since the 1950's. They are used to keep the product fresh & bacteria free. On the down side they can dry out your skin, hair & nails & that can cause hair breakage & brittle nails.

How do you know if your shampoo has parabens? Well, you can look at the ingredients on the back, which may or may not use the word parabens. Or, you can check how much your shampoo suds up. If you get a big bubble lather, you have parabens.

In 1930 Proctor and Gamble added sulfates to shampoos. This had a huge impact on the world of shampoos. The purpose of sulfates is to draw both water & oil out of your hair, creating clean hair & scalp. The down side is that they do a really good job of ridding your body & hair of oils, thus drying them out way too much. Your skin & hair need some natural oil, so completely stripping them of these oils is not necessarily a good thing.

Although sulfates are still the number one product used in shampoos today, the need is steadily decreasing. In fact, sulfate free shampoos gained popularity in 2007 and continue to be in demand.

Good news! Lauren & Co. Salon, starting this summer, will be carrying its own signature product line that will be sulfates, salts, gluten & paraben free. Also, no animal testing! Also, most of the products are vegan.

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