( Part 2) 10 Hair Myths

Updated: May 23, 2020

10 Hair Myths 6) Color takes better to dirty hair. Color actually takes better to clean, product free hair. The build-up of oils and products make it harder for the color to penetrate the hair shaft. This creates uneven results. It's best to clarify your hair the night before getting a color service done. Just make sure not to scrub your scalp as that stimulates it and causes it to be more sensitive to the color service the following day. 7) If you have fine hair you should never use conditioner? No, conditioner is very important. It adds the moisture, strength, & shine back that the shampoo just took away. Years ago there wasn't a ton of conditioner options. But today there are hundreds just for fine hair. If you really can't stand it at least put some through the ends of your hair to build up the integrity of your beautiful hair. 8) If you pull out 1 grey hair 2 more will grow in its place. Honestly, I wish that was true. I have fine thin hair and would love to multiply my hair even if it came back in grey (that's what hair color is for ...right?) It often just seems like more grows once you start to go grey. If you pluck out your greys over time you will start to create damage and the hair just won't grow back period. 9) Sudsy shampoo cleans your hair better. Well, yes it cleans so well it is not great for your hair. Shampoos that suds more have a lot more fillers such as parabens, sulfates, DEA, TEA and all that bad stuff you keep hearing your hairstylist telling you to stay away from because it will strip your color right out and frizz up that beautiful curly hair. 10) Hair loss runs on your mother's side. Well, it could be from your mother's side it can just as much come from your father's side just like any other gene. It's like some people have their father’s nose & some have their mother’s and some even have their great uncle’s nose. Same goes for hair, you can get your hair and hair loss gene from anyone in your family. Not to mention there are other factors that also add to hair loss such as diseases, stress, hormonal imbalances, pregnancies, vitamin deficiency & many more.

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