Updated: May 23, 2020

Sometimes I have guests sit in my chair and ask me why their color is fading between appointments. There are a few reasons why your color might fade and there is definitely something you can do to prolong the color. The fading can be from: the shampoo you are using, the hot water from your shower, the sun, the tools you use to dry and style, over washing and natural regrowth.

Let’s start with the easiest change you can make ... the shampoo and styling products you are using. As I mentioned in the last blog, sulfates can dry out the hair and strip your color out. Many styling products also contain alcohol to help keep the product fresh longer, but it also act as a drying agent to your hair. You will want to switch to color safe shampoos and conditioners that are specifically formulated to prolong your hair color. If your stylist suggests you use a clarifying shampoo, make sure it is gentle enough for color treated hair and don’t use it every day. Also, make sure to focus the shampoo at your scalp and the conditioner for the rest of your hair.

Who doesn’t enjoy a hot shower?... Well, your skin and hair don’t. The hot water opens up your hair cuticle and strips out the color and healthy oils from both your hair and skin. This causes the hair and scalp to dry out which can cause breakage and dandruff. The heat from our shower is bad, but so is the heat from your styling tools. You will want to put a heat protector

on your hair prior to any heat styling. It protects your hair and just in case you have your styling tools too hot, there will have an extra layer of protection to get through before it burns your hair. Because your tools use heat, they open up your hair cuticle making the color more likely to fade. I like to use that to my advantage by using a good hair moisturizer under a heat sealer so as you are blow drying and the cuticles are open, you are pushing moisture deep in your hair shaft. Then I like to blow cool air to help seal everything in. ( Continued in next months blog)

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