( Part 1) 10 HAIR MYTHS

Updated: May 23, 2020

10 Hair Myths: 1) I've heard people say you shouldn't wash your hair every day, & I've also heard people say you should wash your hair every day. So, what is the correct answer? Well, there is no correct answer. If you have extremely dry frizzy hair, you definitely should not wash it every day as you will strip away the hair’s natural oils that you need. But at the same time if you have naturally greasy hair and it looks greasy by the end of the day, you should wash it daily. If you have naturally greasy hair but don't want to wash it often, perhaps because you have bright colors that you don't want to fade or your hair looks amazing, but just a little greasy, you can always use dry shampoo. 2) You don't need to put heat protectants in your hair. It's a sales gimmick. You must put heat protection on your hair whenever using a heat product. It's kind of like putting suntan lotion on before going out in the sun. Heat protectants create a protective coat over each strand so the heat will have a few extra layers to get through before creating damage to your hair. You still need to be careful & keep your heat settings only as high as your hair needs. 3) I air dry my hair because it is better than blow drying it. While that can be true, if you use excessive high heat on your hair at a higher temp than needed. Generally speaking, air drying is actually worse. The water molecule is tiny and can stay in the hair for a while. This means the cuticle is open & vulnerable to outside pollutants penetrating your hair shaft and this can create much more damage. When you blow-dry with a heat protectant you are pushing moisture & oils into the hair, thus creating a much healthier end result. 4) Your hair gets used to shampoo & conditioners and you need to "confuse" it. I have actually written a whole blog on this exact topic because it is not true at all & I hear this all the time. Our hair does not have a brain or memory and cannot tell when we use the same products or different ones. What actually happens is the seasons change & your hair needs different products depending on these changes. In the winter you need more moisture & in the summer you need more oil to repel the humidity which will open the cuticle and frizz out your hair. 5) Cutting your hair often will make it grow faster. Unfortunately, that isn't true because the hair grows from your scalp & what you do to the ends doesn’t affect it. But frequent hair trims can & will keep your hair healthier, allowing it to grow longer & stronger. When you don't get trims, you will get split ends which will create breakage. This makes it so your hair appears to never grow because it just keeps breaking off. Continue...December Blog

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