How Well Do You Know Your Water?

Updated: May 23, 2020

Sometimes it seems as though your stylist is just asking questions for no reason ...right? Like when they ask if you have hard water. You are probably thinking - that shouldn't matter if they do their job correctly. But, it very much matters. It's like going to the gym & the trainer asks what you eat during the week or after you work out. For example, if you burn 600 calories during a HIIT workout ( btw high five for going to the gym) & then stop at Chick- Fil-A to grab a quick bite before picking up the kids from school ( FYI that’s 840 calories and 18 grams of fat for a sandwich & waffle fries) and you can't understand why you aren't loosing weigh.... I mean you are going to the gym, right? It's the same thing for your hair stylist, we need to know what is going on between visits. Are you using the recommended shampoo and conditioner? Are you clarifying at least once a month if you have hard water? Are you using water soluble products, so you don't have to keep caking more product on between washes? These are only a few important questions hairstylist need to know. Hard water creates a build-up of minerals that weigh your hair down & creates more frizz. Washing with basic shampoo will not cleanse out the mineral build up because it only cleans the surface of your hair. This also means your conditioner cannot break through the minerals to do its job to condition your hair. My favorite gentle deep cleansing shampoo is Malibu C Hard Water Wellness ( which can be purchased at the salon) which dissolves all the build -up allowing for a deep cleaning and conditioning. Another way your water can impact your hair is the way color or a perm takes to your hair. After you leave the salon, your hair looks amazing & then you shampoo it one or two times at home, & it starts to looks dull( yup...that's your water). I always recommend that my guests clarify their hair before getting a color service in order to assure proper saturation of the color and conditioning agents within the hair shaft. I also recommend using clarifying shampoo 2 to 4 times a month to prevent color fading from the hard water minerals as well as a color corrective shampoo & /or conditioner to help you achieve that beautiful “just left the salon “look all month long. By this time, you may be saying this is so much work!!... Yes, the upkeep of your hair is a lot of work but when you are investing $100-$400 on your hair every month you should take the extra time to maintain the work that was just done.

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