Are You Training Your Hair?

Do you ever have that favorite hair product that just stops working one day? It's such a frustrating feeling, to finally love a product to only be disappointed weeks later when it just doesn't work anymore. I'm extremely sure everyone reading this has been there. Now, you are left with shelves full of product that you probably won't use again. I need you to stop and think for a minute, when did you buy that product that you used to love? What time of year was it? What was the weather like? Just like the rest of our bodies, our hair also reacts differently in different weather. What happens to your hands in the winter? They are really dry...right? The dry air is sucking the moisture not only out of your hands but also your hair. In the winter your hair (doesn't matter the type of hair) will need more moisturizing products to add that moisture back. If you are like some of my clients and scared of weighing down your hair or fearful it might look greasy, start small. Buy a better moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. For those of you that have thick curly hair are probably thinking, MORE moisture?!? That doesn't mean glob more of the moisture cream you are using now in your hair. It means you might need a heavier moisture cream. What about in the summer? Think about the weather... it's humid, right? What repels water? Yup... oil! In the summer you need more oil based products to repel that nasty humidity. There are many different products for many types of hair, so if don't think you will ever find that perfect product...honestly you probably have and just used it at the wrong time of year. I challenge you to really think about those products on that shelf and how to get the best use out of them. ( just make sure that aren't expired as they could either be dried up or smell pretty funky). During your next appointment I would love to go deeper into this with you and help you put those products to use.

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