Do You Hate Conditioner? You Might Want To Try Reverse Washing...

Updated: May 23, 2020

Do you skip conditioner because you feel like it weighs down your hair? Have you heard of the new trend of Reverse Shampooing? It's been making its way into all our favorite fashion magazines and is exactly what it sounds like, you let the conditioner sit in your hair for about five minutes and then you shampoo. This technique works best for thin hair. The reason this works is people are tempted to plop the conditioner right on the scalp which is the one place you aren't supposed to use conditioner as our natural oils take care of our scalp. You are supposed to place the conditioner on the mid-length and ends of your hair and place the shampoo on the scalp only. When you reverse shampoo, the right areas tend to get the correct product. I tried this new trend and honestly, I didn't like it. My hair felt dry and brittle after and it was hard to comb through. To be fair, my hair is very dry, so I definitely need a lot of extra moisture. I suggested the Reverse Shampooing to a few guests who weren’t using conditioner on their hair and they loved the feel, had less breakage, and still had the desired volume. With so many hair trends that coming and going, it's hard to keep up plus, there is no one thing that will work for everyone since hair texture is different on each of us. You might love what your best friend dislikes and that's okay. Find what works best for you!

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