Updated: May 23, 2020

I keep hearing about these new custom products you can order online. It sounds amazing to have a product "just for your hair type" doesn't it? I am sure you are thinking: why has this taken so long to be a thing? All your hair troubles will go away once you have products just for your individual hair type! AMAZING!!! I have some amazing mind-blowing news. When your hair stylist recommends a product or products for you, he/she is customizing your experience. The cocktail of products recommended is literally just for your hair type, but when your stylist does it, it is truly customized. I will explain: I am going to walk you through both experiences so you can see the difference. First, we will go through the online experience: You log on to the website and type in answers to a bunch of questions. Example: 1) What is your hair type? You write in coarse. 2) Is your hair colored? You say no - because it hasn't been colored in two months. 3) Do you have long hair? You say no because you want it longer (grow out). The online company reviews your answers and sends products for short, coarse, uncolored hair. You like the products because it's working better than the $1.99 duo you bought at Save-a-Lot last month. But is it giving you a truly customized product?? Now it’s time to talk about the salon experience: At your appointment, your stylist has been looking at your hair & talking to you about all your hair goals. He/she also knows the history of your hair. Your stylist looks at your hair & doesn't see coarse hair, but dry summer hair that needs a few conditioning treatments & a leave in oil to prevent the frizz due to the humidity. Also, your stylist would consider your hair colored because there is color still on it & that plays a part in the what products are best for your hair. Believe it or not, but the length of your hair also plays a role in what is recommend due to the damage caused by the natural environment. Once your stylist sees what you need (and it will change seasonally as well as every time there is a color or hormonal change) he/she will provide a 100% fully customized experience. At your next appointment I suggest you ask your stylist what she recommends. I guarantee you will be amazed at the effort that goes into that suggested take-home product. At Lauren and Company Salon, we carry Evo hair products because they have been formulated to accommodate customization for individual hair care needs. So, at your next appointment, ask your hair stylist for a sample of your very own customized product. I’m sure you will be amazed at how well it works.

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