What To Know About Hot Tools

Updated: May 23, 2020

What's in a name? We have all heard the different terms; ceramic plates , Ionic flat irons , tourmaline flat irons, titanium flat irons, & wet to dry flat irons. Why are there so many options & why you should care.

Ceramic Plates- They allow for even heat distribution but the coating wears away over time. Ceramic irons are best for those with wavy or loose wave curls.

Ionic Flat Irons- They trap moisture into the hair shaft which helps prevent frizz. They are best for unruly frizzy, curly/ wavy, dry & coarse hair.

Tourmaline Flat Iron- These irons have ground tourmaline dust applied to their plates. They  produce negative ions, which close the cuticle ( positive ions open the cuticle) . They also require less heat to straighten hair. These irons work well on most hair types. Ceramic Tourmaline flat irons are better at avoiding hair damage & neutralizes ions that cause static & frizz.

Titanium Flat Irons- These produce negative ions ( hair is usually positively charged due to it's water content & will produce shiner smoother frizz free results) & you can use a lower heat for your hair. They heat up really fast, to help save you time in the morning.

Wet to Dry Flat Irons- Due to the holes along the flat iron it allows the steam to escape allowing you to use on wet or dry hair. These are best for straight to wavy hair types & allow you do dry & straighten in one step. You can use this iron on curly frizzy hair but will likely not be as smooth as you'd like.

No matter which flat iron you decide is right for you just remember the heat setting is also key. The correct iron on the wrong setting can still do a lot of damage.

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