Frequently asked questions

What area do you serve?

I travel within a 14 mile radius of 210 Capitol Ave. Hartford, CT.

What if I am 2 miles outside your radius? Does that mean you won't travel to me?

I charge $2 per mile outside the 14 mile raduis. I will not travel too far out of the 14 mile radius unless there is an event (multiple people getting a few serivies done)

My wedding is not in your 14 mile radius, can you still come?

Absolutly, we will need to discuss the details of the day & what you are looking for to make sure we are a good fit for your day.

I heard you don't serve Hartford?

Correct, unfortunately do to the narrow roads and street parking it is unsafe for me to comfortably fit.

Is there a minium service for you to travel to my house?

Yes, you must book a service of at least $35 for me to come out to you.

Do you need to connect to my house for water or electricity?

No, I am self sustainable. When able I will usually will connect to an outside outlet to allow me to run multipe tools, but I don't need to.

Are you handicap assessible?

Unfortunatly, no. The doors are not large enough for a ramp, and the inside is not big enough for a wheelchair or a walker.

What are you doing to keep me safe during COVID-19

- I only allow 2 guests on at a time - Each guest must be in seprate rooms ( 2 people in 1 room at a time) - There are wipes when you enter for you to use if you would like - All guests must wear masks, if you don't have one you can buy a cloth one from me for $4 - I sanitize after every guest leaves - I have a sanatizes bag with all tools I need for each guest - I will wear a maks, gloves , & eye protection during appointments - All tools are sanitized & disenfected between guests - I removed all pillows & curtians - I will keep windows open & vents on when able